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Bien is dedicated to developing and producing premium cannabis oils with terpene profiles that are tailored to best suit certain needs. We use cutting-edge supercritical CO2 extraction methods to offer a variety of cannabinoid ratios and doses. An applicant licensed producer in Canada, Bien is not yet permitted to produce or sell its products.

Our story

Our Story

Formed in 2017 with a focus on creating premium cannabis oils and cutting edge cannabis derivatives that will cater to the “modern consumer”. The company was started by a group of entrepreneurs with the goal of becoming a leading manufacturer with a global footprint. All products have an emphasis on discreet delivery, consistency, quality and stability which will shape the way cannabis is consumed.

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Always looking to the future, Bien has developed proprietary technology that we believe will dramatically improve upon the dated techniques currently used to produce downstream cannabis products. If and when permitted by Health Canada, Bien plans to apply its technology to allow for the production of products in a way that is expected to improve their shelf life, stability, consistency and overall quality. Our proprietary process will involve a few high level steps:

Cannabis concentrates will be refined via a proprietary formulation and emulsification process. The resulting solution will be shelf stable, very consistent in dosing and easily integrated into beverages. 

To create our powder, µMIX, a unique formulation will be processed and passed through an encapsulation and drying process.

µMIX has a superior shelf life, is completely water-soluble, has no photosensitivity and no odor or taste.

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A Technical Primer

A quick breakdown of our in-house tech

Bien Brands is at the leading edge of cannabis consumption methods, this primer will detail the technology that we expect to shape the industry.

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Our Capabilities

Bien aims to develop and produce tailored cannabis oil products that are accompanied by a truly scientific understanding of how they affect the consumer. Cannabis is an incredibly exciting, but still not well understood, plant - this lack of understanding extends to its derivative products. When it's legal to do so, we aim to integrate our custom oil profiles into a multitude of pre-produced products and create custom formulations for our partners. We continually strive to improve our best-in-class input solutions for those wanting to develop their cannabis product portfolio.